Stand Up Chick Brooder

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A great solution to brooding! Keep debris off the floor and save space. Easily add an infrared lamp to provide the chicks with healthy heating when required. There is plenty of space for all the chick essentials - waterers and feeders. Easily see inside the brooder with perforated steel sides and top.

  • Assembly required. 
  • 38.5"L x 18.5"W x 24"H (headroom height is 9.5")
  • Walls, roof-doors and removable tray, made of galvanized sheet
  • Area of 0.47 m², with capacity for 50 chicks, distributed in a warm heated area, or at room temperature, according to the needs of the animals at all times, improving their comfort.
  • Its plate with Ø12.5 mm perforations, allows a comfortable interior vision, and efficient ventilation, avoiding harmful air currents, as well as the access of rodents and other vermin.
  • Galvanized wire floor, to separate the animals from the floor tray, achieving ideal hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Can be handled on a table or on the ground, using four galvanized tube legs 1m high.
  • Heater, waterer and feeder SOLD SEPARATELY


  • 24.00 x 18.50 x 38.50 inches
  • Assembly required
  • 38.5"L x 18.5"W x 24"H (headroom height is 9.5")