Chicken Eggs

We have a wide variety of chicken hatching eggs available!


Dive into the delightful range of our chicken eggs here at Stromberg’s Chickens. Each egg might lead to your desired breed that may one day lay eggs for you.

From the hearty Buff Orpington, the classic Standard Chicken, to the vibrant Easter Egger, our varied selection of chicken eggs comes from the healthiest of hens on our farms.

A Hatchling Adventure

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey as you anticipate the baby chicks to break free from their shells. Each egg-laying moment is an adventure awaiting you. The little clucks and pecks will bring joy to your home and introduce the diverse world of backyard chickens right into your nesting boxes.

Do keep in mind that hatching involves many variables, and while our eggs frequently perform admirably, we can’t guarantee their success post-shipment.

An Array of Options

We offer an array of potential hatchlings within our fresh eggs. Alongside the breeds already mentioned, you might find the charming Barred Plymouth Rock, the reliable Rhode Island Red, or the unique Porcelain Belgian Bearded D’Uccle Bantam in your batch of hatching eggs. And don’t forget the possibility of the eye-catching Assorted Silkies!

The wide variety of eggs available sets the stage for a lively and diverse coop.

Buy Fresh Eggs for Hatching Today

Ready to experience the joy of home-laid eggs? Embrace the unexpected with our delightful assortment of chicken eggs. Bring the wonderful world of poultry to your backyard and witness the awe-inspiring miracle of life unfolding within your own nesting boxes.

As you begin this egg-laying journey, you’ll find joy and wonder in each chicken egg.