Meat Bird Processing

Make the dirty job easy with our poultry processing tools and supplies! Shop at Stromberg’s for all of your meat and poultry processing needs.


Chicken Processing Equipment

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets rules and guidelines for processing and conducts inspections of professional poultry operations to ensure they meet health codes. Stromberg’s offers poultry processing equipment to help your small farm or corporate chicken operation meet USDA standards.

Poultry Processing Equipment

We also sell equipment for processing other poultry, including large game birds like turkeys and smaller birds like quail. Owning the right equipment makes the job of slaughtering and cleaning poultry easier, such as cones, scalders, and pluckers and tools, such as a full set of processing knives and fingertip protection for your hands while plucking chickens

Packaging Materials for Bird Meat

Once you’ve killed and cleaned your birds, you’ll need to package them for the freezer or to sell at market. Our store also offers materials for packaging, including:

  • roaster/freezer bags,
  • vacuum sealer bags,
  • vacuum sealer rolls,
  • packaging labels,
  • heat shrink bags for turkeys.

Let Stromberg’s help you present a professional appearance to your small poultry operation with custom packaging labels that feature your logo and business name.

Shop at Stromberg’s for Meat Bird and Poultry Processing Equipment

When you need materials or equipment for meat or poultry processing, shop at Stromberg’s. We supply the agricultural community with the professional equipment it needs to maintain USDA requirements.