Nesting Accessories

With over four generations of experience selling poultry supplies we have the right nesting accessories for you! Shop for nesting accessories today!


Trusted Nest Accessories for Your Birds

Stromberg’s Chickens take pride in providing you with the highest quality nesting accessories that will create a comfortable and inviting nesting environment for your birds. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your flock’s well-being.

Shop our selection of nesting accessories today and give your chickens the care they deserve!

Nest Accessories to Make Poultry Production Easier

Help keep your chickens’ home spiffy with plastic nest bottoms. These removable trays catch feces and broken eggs but don’t rust or get permanently stained. Easily remove droppings from the nesting box for cleaning with detergent and fresh water.

Other essential nest accessories include roll-out nest bottoms that enable you to roll the nest bottom and freshly laid eggs toward you, so you don’t have to reach into the coop’s nesting box to gather eggs.

Add plastic, rubber, or wood eggs to each nest box to make hens calmer. Hens tend to squawk if all of the eggs they laid disappear. These nest accessories solve a huge mental health problem because the faux eggs make the hen think she still has eggs to incubate. It’s a harmless trick that calms each hen. 

Keep about two faux eggs in each nesting box, cleaning them off when you clean the nest box. We offer these nest accessories in white, cream, and brown. Match them to the color of eggs laid by your hens.

Everything You Need for a Perfect Nest 

Whether you want an easier way to view whether your hens have laid eggs or you want to make their coop home cozier, Stromberg’s Chickens can help. Shop our selection of nest accessories today and enjoy free shipping on most orders.