Starplate Building Kit

Building a chicken coop or shed is not as easy as it sounds. It requires skill, years of experience, and the right tools for the job. Good thing there is a building system that can help anyone make a basic geometric framework.


Building with Starplates

Starplates are heavy-gauge plates made of galvanized steel. Equal-length boards, typically two-by-fours, are bolted to the plates to create a bevy of Starplate buildings. The building system is guaranteed to be easy to install and does not require you to have any prior knowledge or skill. Even a novice builder can construct a playhouse, woodshed, chicken coop, or even a gazebo. Guaranteed easy to install, this system is the perfect solution, especially for small-scale poultry farmers and hobbyists.

Stromberg’s Starplate kit comes with plates and connectors, as well as a guide on how to use the materials and a few design ideas that you can add to your farm or rural home. You no longer need training or advanced skills to build sheds or chicken coops for your poultry operations.

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Stromberg’s offers poultry producers the building supplies they need to make their job easier. With the Starplates system, you can build without having construction expertise. Free shipping on most orders above $150.