Electric Fencing

We have Electric Fencing for any need! From reels to rolls of netting. Shop your fence today!


Electric Fencing for Chickens

Installing an electric chicken fence keeps your farm animals safer. Whether you want to enclose your chicken flock’s yard or other poultry or livestock, count on Stromberg’s for the materials, tools, and accessories needed, from corner posts and polywire fence strands to battery backup systems.

Electric Chicken Fences and Accessories

A safe, secure, contained space for your animals is important. To make a high-quality, strong fence, Stromberg’s offers step-in fence posts, solar setups, electric netting gates, and electric netting. We also offer insulators, testing units, T-post drivers, and other essentials for putting up, testing, and maintaining an electric fence.

Right Tools Make the Job Easier

Setting up electric fences is no easy job. Installing fences correctly may demand special tools, such as electric fence testers, solar energizers, and more. At Stromberg’s, we offer an array of top-notch equipment and materials from manufacturers you can trust, so you can install an electric fence system that provides reliable safety for your flock.

Stromberg’s Electric Poultry Fencing Supplies

Shop Stromberg’s fence line for your electric poultry fence. Keep your cattle and flock safe in their own yard or pasture. Free shipping on most orders above $150.