Coop Heaters

Keep your flock warm this winter with our wide selection of Coop Heaters! Big or Small we've got them all

Chicken Coop Heaters

With our large selection of heaters, keep your flock warm this winter! Big or small, we've got them all.

Choosing a Chicken Coop Heater

Heating your coops or brooders is made simple by Stromberg's. Our extensive collection of heaters includes everything from four-bulb automatic thermostat brooders to single-bulb reflector lamps for brooders. To heat adult chickens, pick a carbon fiber heater.

The sweeter heater may be used to keep tiny chicks warm if you have a small brooder. The radiant heat plate chicken brooder is an additional choice for raising baby chickens, allowing them to congregate above and below the plate for warmth. Adding a radiant heat plate brooder cover will make the space even cozier.

Coop and Brooder Heater Accessories

Keep the lights on for your young chickens. Purchase replacement bulbs from Stromberg. Pilot bulbs in red, blue, and white bulbs, as well as carbon fiber replacement bulbs are available.

The best chicken coop heater for your poultry operation will be determined by the needs of your farm. If your poultry operation uses a lot of chicken coops, investing in solar chicken coop heaters could make sense for you because they'll save you money on energy.

Stromberg’s Heaters for Coop and Brooder

Chicken coop and brooder heaters are available at Stromberg's. Create a solar chicken coop heater with our solar chargers from the fencing supplies to keep your chickens warm even when there is no electricity.