Coop Heaters

Keep your flock warm this winter with our wide selection of Coop Heaters! Big or Small we've got them all

If you're searching for the perfect chicken coop heater, you've come to the right place. Keep your chickens happy and warm with our large selection of chicken coop heaters. Big or small, we've got them all.

Innovative Heater Products

Heating your coops or brooders is made simple by Stromberg's specialized space heaters.

Our extensive collection of energy-efficient space heater lamps and panels is designed with the safety and heat needs of all chickens in mind.

The Heat Lamp with Safety Switch automatically shuts off in case of tilting or overheating, to prevent potential barn fires or accidents.

The Sweeter Heater Panel is easy to install and perfect for keeping chicks warm and comfortable on very cold nights.

It features temperature control on the heating panel to ensure chickens don’t get harmed by excessive heat.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Selecting the best chicken coop heater for your poultry operation depends on your specific needs.

If your farm operates multiple chicken coops, consider investing in a solar chicken coop heater. These heat lamps will save you money on energy while keeping your chicken cozy even when the lights go off.

Chicken Coop Heater Accessories

Ensure your coop is always comfortably warm with Stromberg’s high quality replacement bulbs.

Our radiant heat Pilot Bulbs come in a pack of five and are available in red, blue, and low-intensity white colors

With these essential accessories, your chicken coop heater will continue to operate efficiently even in areas where electricity is inconsistent, ensuring your chickens stay comfortable and happy.