Roller and Tumbler Pigeons

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The tumbler pigeon takes its name from a trick it can do—flip during flight and continue flying in its original direction. The roller pigeon breed can do “rolls,” a series of backward somersaults, while in flight.

Each breed features a different plumage color: blue, black, brown, or white.

Rollers & Tumblers

Roller and Tumbler Pigeons as Pets

Tumbler pigeons and roller pigeons make great pets since they tame easily and enjoy getting pets from their keepers. Like other breeds of pigeon, the roller and tumbler pigeon come in several varieties.

Although the roller and tumbler pigeon make ideal pets, only a few breeding birds remain among the many varieties. This stems from overbreeding to enhance their tumbling capabilities. Some of these birds, typically not sold any longer, were bred to the point that they could no longer fly.

Like all domesticated birds, the roller and tumbler pigeon need the right food, water, and a sizable loft so they stay healthy and active. We also offer these necessities and other supplies in our site.

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