Wing Bands & Accessories

Stromberg's sells poultry ID bands, including chicken bands, pigeon bands, leg bands, and wing bands. We have the right poultry bands for you; shop now! Stromberg’s also offers Jiffy applicator pliers to speed up the tagging of your flock.


Wing Bands For Chickens

Band your chickens for easy recognition. These poultry wing bands make it simple to tell one flock of birds from another by band color.

Jiffy’s 100-pack of aluminum wing bands comes in five colors: aluminum, blue, red, green, and yellow. Use these poultry identifiers to differentiate your poultry born or bought last year from the ones this year. You can also assign the colors to identify which coop a chicken belongs in if you run a larger operation.

Wing Bands For Gamefowl

While farmers most frequently use wing bands on their chickens, poultry wing bands also offer a great way to tag your gamefowl. Whether you batch them for sale or for release on a gaming preserve, wing bands offer an effective way to ID your birds.

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