Poultry Disinfectants


Poultry Processing Disinfectant

Our selection includes biocidal Virkon S and other synthetic disinfectants for use in more extensive agricultural applications, as well as Tek-Trol disinfectant for cleaning coops, brooders, and cages. When moving through the various poultry and other agricultural operation areas, producers can use Traffic COP foot pan powder in conjunction with other sanitation measures, such as foot pans, to wipe off their shoes.

We provide the same premium disinfectants that large poultry facilities use, enabling small agricultural producers to guarantee the same level of food safety.

Products for Other Agricultural Operations

Other agricultural operations, including those involving cattle, use Stromberg's medications and disinfectants. Water-soluble Corid is also available in our store for the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis in calves.

The SaniStride rug system is also part of our agricultural product line. With the SaniStride system, the farmer can add any non-chlorine sanitizer to the replaceable pads. Sanitizer pads disinfect the soles of shoes and boots.

Stromberg’s Disinfectants for Poultry Processing Plants

We provide products widely known by every poultry processing facility to fight against disease. Shop at Stromberg’s for disinfectants, sanitization products, vitamins, and oral supplements to keep your fowl and cattle healthier in poultry processors.