Poultry Mite and Chicken Lice Treatments

Pest Control - Worms, Mite and Lice

Preserve your poultry’s health with Stromberg’s comprehensive range of chicken lice and mites treatments for mite infestations. Our meticulously formulated products ensure your birds remain healthy and free from harmful parasites, preventing infestations that wild birds might introduce.

Effective Chicken Mites Treatment for Comprehensive Pest Control

Defeat poultry lice and mites with Prozap Garden & Poultry Dust. This effective solution comes in a convenient two-pound canister designed to provide farmers with an easy and reliable method to protect their birds from mites, ticks, and lice eggs.

It’s highly effective against bedbugs, lice, and the northern fowl mite. Each two-pound canister can treat up to 200 birds; for chicken coop treatment, five pounds are sufficient for 1,000 square feet. Regular use helps to eradicate mites and prevent future infestations.

Powerful Defense Against Scaly Leg Mites with Proven Ingredients

Zyfend® A Chicken Dewormer offers a natural alternative to chemical dewormers. Utilizing a potent blend of essential oils, it targets parasitic worms such as cecal and capillary worms, disrupting the lifecycle of worm eggs before they can mature.

This ensures your chickens enjoy a healthy, parasite-free life without the use of harsh chemicals. Regular use of Zyfend® helps prevent common external parasites that affect chickens, including poultry mites and leg mites.

Natural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Mite Control

In addition to chemical lice treatments, consider using food-grade diatomaceous earth for a natural approach. Diatomaceous earth is a completely natural way to keep lice and mites away from your chickens, ensuring the health of their feather shafts.

As a side benefit, this product also keeps feed from caking. It’s effective against parasites like a scaly leg mite and can be used as part of a dust bath to help treat mites and lice.

Applying diatomaceous earth to your chicken coop and directly on your birds helps control red mites, northern fowl mites, and other external parasites, preventing mite eggs and adult mite infestation.