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Stromberg’s Perfect Flock | Live Poultry, Eggs, and Supplies

At Stromberg’s, we carry everything from eggs to adult poultry, and we provide equipment, such as incubators and nest boxes, to make your perfect flock. We help poultry producers (from vertically integrated hatchery to family farmers) raise better chickens and other fowls throughout their life cycle.

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Our products are categorized for a convenient search. Find what you need in our collection of live poultry breeds, supplies, supplements, accessories, books, and more.

Popular Products

Get to know what customers usually purchase for their poultry farm, like incubator, brooder, poultry fowls, such as quail, duck, turkey, and chicken, hatchery, feeder and waterer, and fencing, netting, and housing supplies.

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Here are Stromberg’s latest bestsellers. From best egg-laying chickens to the best brooder kits, we feature top-notch products trusted by poultry farmers.

Chicks and More!

We are your one-stop shop for chicks and hatchlings. Browse through our collection of day-old chicks, poults, and keets. Choose a specific type of chicken, duck, or quail, or easily pick an assortment of poultry, game, and specialty birds.

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Check out other equipment and accessories that you will need to make poultry-farming more manageable.

We Can Help Grow Your Flock

To get you started, you will need breeders (chicken is the most common starter breed). You will also need equipment, such as an incubator and brooder. Broiler breeders lay eggs each day, which you harvest every day. Some of these can be used for personal consumption. Otherwise, you have to move the eggs into an incubator until they hatch. Once hatched, you should move the chicks to a brooder box (a heated home for baby chicks that offers warmth from a heater or heat lamp). Feed and water troughs run along the sides so the farmer can give the chicks nutritious food on demand.

These are the basic requirements. If you want to know more about the proper techniques or how to use a particular equipment for poultry-farming, check out these blogs and articles.

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