Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

Automatic coop doors are an easy way to keep predators at bay while allowing your chickens to enjoy fresh air and sunlight!

What is an automatic chicken coop door?

Similar to a garage door for your home’s garage, the automatic chicken coop door lets you set the door’s operation on a timer or a light-sensitive meter to open at sunrise and close at sunset. This saves you from needing to do it manually in the rain, snow, etc.

Why use an automatic chicken door?

Besides convenience for you and one less farm chore, the door helps keep your chickens safe. Chickens love the sunshine but naturally scoot back into the safety of their coop at sunset. They’re just not night owls, but many predators are.

A door that automatically closes behind the chickens ensures that predators can’t enter the coop. Without the door, you go outside to the coop and shut the door for their safety.

Stromberg’s Automatic Door Selection

Chicken doors on timers or set to light or dark mode don’t require electrical lines. These operate on batteries, making installation simple. Choose from two automatic coop door designs. Shop at Stromberg’s for automatic doors to keep your chickens safer.