Baby Chick Starter Kits

Everything you'll need to get started raising chicks! The complete kit for raising your chicks!


Baby Chick Starter Kit

For new agricultural producers, raising poultry has been made simpler by Stromberg's creation of starter kits for raising chicks. We provide everything you'll need to begin raising chickens!

Purchasing Baby Chicks

Even though our starter kit includes all necessary care items, the actual chickens are not included. You can purchase young chickens in our section for live birds. You have a choice of day-old chicks or fertilized eggs.

Starter Kit for Raising Chicks

Everything you need to raise baby chickens is contained in one bag. In order to prevent you from buying duplicate equipment, we provide three different kits, each of which has options. The options let each shopper choose between an incubator or a brooder.

Our single lamp brooder kit includes a cardboard home for the baby chickens as well as necessary supplies such as feeding and watering equipment, electrolytes, and Peck n' Grow. A thermometer, brooder lamp stand, single lamp brooder, and infrared heat bulb are also necessary. The book Guide to Raising Poultry is included in each kit.

Choose between the GQF 2370 Hova-Bator incubator and the RCom DO Max 20 incubator. Both packages include the book Guide to Better Hatching as well as a Powerlux candler.

A sizable radiant heat plate and a covered chick brooder are also included in our larger kits. As a third choice, we provide a kit that also includes a 600W Carbon Fiber Heater.

Stromberg’s Poultry Starter Kit

Count on Stromberg's agricultural products for your poultry operation's initial supplies. Place your order for a chicken starter pack today.