Meat Chickens for Sale

We offer two main types of chickens: egg-laying hens and broilers.

Meat Birds

What’s the difference?

Egg-laying Chickens

Egg-laying chickens breed and don’t gain much weight.

Meat Chicken/Broiler

A broiler quickly gains weight. They’re not considered pets because, within 10 weeks, they gain the weight needed for slaughter.

Dual-Purpose Chickens

Some chickens serve a dual purpose, in that they grow quickly and lay eggs. We offer a few of those types too.

Fast-Growing Meat Bird

Our meat birds include our Cornish Cross or Jersey Giant birds—known for their quick growth, these animals provide a hefty broiler once grown. A Cornish Cross takes just four to six weeks to reach its optimum weight.

Meat chicks grow rapidly, reaching a weight of about five pounds in as many weeks. Food birds typically grow to about 10 pounds. They’re ideal if you want to raise poultry for eating meat. These birds eat voraciously in the weeks that they’re gaining weight. You’ll find making your own feed the most economical way to fatten them up.

Shop at Stromberg’s for Meat Birds

Our birds offer a healthy alternative to store-bought chickens. Shop our broiler chickens for the highest quality birds available.