Chicken Pens

High-Quality Chicken Pens for sale. Anything you'll need for your chicken pens and backyard operation!

Chicken Pens

Stromberg’s offers high-quality coops and pens and anything else you'll need for your backyard poultry operation!

Should you build or buy a pen?

If you don't have the building skills, you might want a custom chicken pen for your poultry operation. Many backyard farmers and gardeners buy kits to start their farms, start raising chickens, and even build their pens.

Stromberg’s chicken coops and pens are available in various sizes, and the materials needed to build them are also offered. You choose whether to build or purchase a ready-made one. Our indoor chicken coops allow your birds to roam while still keeping them secure.

We offer three different sizes: one that ranges from 6.6 to 13.1 square feet, and one that ranges from 19.7 to 13.1 square feet. Even though these pens need to be put together, everything you need is included. You will also receive all of the attachment hardware, PVC-coated chicken wire, a premium tarp to cover the pen, and the framing.

Stromberg’s Coops and Pens

Depend on us to make housing your chickens and game birds easier. Purchase one of our coops or pens to assemble anywhere on your property. Shop at Stromberg’s for the highest quality housing and protected range area available.