Pigeon Bands

These pigeon leg bands made from durable plastic come in different sizes to suit the many pigeon varieties. Shop now before your egg or bird order arrives.


Why Pigeon Bands Are Required

If you want to show or race your pigeons, you’ll need to band them six to 10 days following their birth. The two organizations that oversee showing and racing change the color of these bands each year. Stromberg’s Chickens updates its collection annually to provide you with the most up-to-date supplies.

The American Racing Pigeon Union (ARPU) requires racing homers to wear bands. Placing these leg bands on your birds also prepares them for Pro Pigeon Racing Association (PPRA) competitions. Our bands are made of durable plexiglass that meet both organizations’ standards.

You also need to band pigeons for exhibition and showing using a band from the National Pigeon Association (NPA). This band fully seals around their leg and cannot be removed. NPA bands come in three sizes and are crafted of seamless plastic. They come in packs of 25.

Shop Stromberg’s for Pigeon Banding Supplies

Shop Stromberg’s for pigeon banding supplies that meet organization standards to identify your birds easily. Order your pigeon bands today!