The United States Department of Agriculture offers guidance on proper poultry processing. In a nutshell, the process should adhere to the following:

  • Administering anesthesia so the chickens become “insensible to pain.”
  • Severing the head from the body at the point of the neck's major blood vessels.
  • Feather removal, typically by loosening the feathers by immersing them in hot water, then plucking them manually or by machine.
  • Post-mortem inspection for disease.

We offer professional tools to make this process easier. Because Stromberg’s sells to individuals, small farms, and processing plants, a backyard farmer can obtain the same high-quality poultry processing tools as a corporate farm. Our materials and tools include:

  • processing cones, also called killing cones,
  • plucker fingers,
  • skinning knives,
  • cutting gloves,
  • cleaning tables,
  • scalders,
  • pluckers,
  • shears,
  • sticking knives,
  • pinning knives,
  • lung removers,
  • boning knives,
  • chicken meat packaging materials.

We also offer a wide array of poultry crates and live bird transportation boxes if you want to haul your live birds to professional poultry processors.