Heated Waterers

Heated Waterers

Heated Waterer

Don’t let your chicken’s water freeze in winter; keep it flowing and close to room temperature by using a heated poultry waterer. You can also purchase a standalone heater for your existing chicken coop to keep it warm in cold weather and ensure your animals’ water remains drinkable.

Heated Chicken Waterer and Accessories

Stromberg’s offers you options in heated chicken waterers from Brower and Little Giant, two of the leading agricultural supply brands. Some of these waterers come with a heating element, so you can just fill the waterer and set it on top. Others of these heated poultry waterer designs integrate the heater onto the bottom of the waterer, forming a single unit.

All of these heaters and heated waterers require electricity to operate, so make sure to cover the electrical cords with a cord lock from the plug to the device. Instantly transform a typical electrical cord into a heavy-duty outdoor cord with a cord lock. We offer the dependable Click Shield brand.

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