Heated Waterers

Heated Waterers

Don’t let your chickens’ water freeze in winter; keep it flowing and close to room temperature with a heated chicken waterer.

You can also buy a standalone heater for your existing chicken coop to keep it warm in cold weather, ensuring your chicken’s water remains drinkable.

Premium Heated Poultry Waterer

Stromberg’s offers a wide range of heated chicken waterers from top agricultural brands like Brower and Little Giant. Choose from various options to suit your needs, including:

  • Universal Electric Heater Base: An automatic thermostatically controlled heated poultry waterer that’s safe for both plastic and metal founts.
  • Click Shield Cord Lock: This quick and affordable solution weatherproofs any power cord, preventing dangerous disconnections and ensuring the safety of your chickens.
  • Winter Poultry Heated Drinker and Waterer Base: Keep your poultry’s water thawed even in temperatures as low as -20°F. This water base has adjustable brackets ensuring a secure fit.

Some of these waterers include a heating element, allowing you to simply refill the water and place the heater on top. One specific heated version has the heater integrated into the bottom of the waterer, creating a single unit.

Customer Support You Can Trust

Ensure your pigeons have access to fresh, unfrozen water throughout the winter with Stromberg's reliable heated poultry waterers.

Our top-quality products, such as the Brower All Poly Top Fill Waterer and the Winter Poultry Heated Drinker, ensure consistent fresh water and peace of mind for your hens.