Universal Electric Heater Base - For Plastic and Metal Waterers

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This is an excellent heated base for poultry waterers or founts. It has an automatic thermostat that keeps water at 50-55 degrees perfect for your birds so they are not drinking water that is just above freezing. Which would cause them to use more energy because there body then not only has to keep warm but heat the cold water. It is great because it will fit any plastic or metal fount up to 5 gallons. Many fount heaters are not approved for plastic but this one is! Draws only 100 watts. 16" diameter, 4" high. 6 foot 3 wire grounded plug made from long lasting galvanized metal. Do not expose to rain, wind or snow. Designed to be used inside a coop or enclosure otherwise the draft can be too great for the heater to compensate for and your water can freeze.


  • 4.60 x 16.50 x 16.50 inches