Electric Fence Chargers

Shop for electric fence chargers with us! We have a wide selection of electric fence chargers available now! Good electric fences make good neighbors. By using an electric fence charger to add a low voltage to the fence around your chicken coop, you can protect your chickens from other animal neighbors, such as foxes and wild dogs.


Electric Fencing Options

Electrifying the fence around your coop keeps your chickens safer, whether you choose to use electric fence energizers that require battery recharging every three months or a solar fence charger.

The selection at Stromberg’s ranges from fence charger options that can power 25 miles of clean fence or five miles of typical fence to those that can power 30 miles of clean fence or 11 miles of typical fence.

Our charger inventory works with all of the fence options in our inventory. We also sell the appropriate tools, including multiple styles of clinchers, for erecting a sturdy fence that you can electrify to add a higher measure of safety for your birds.

Shop at Stromberg’s

Shop at Stromberg's for a variety of premium brands, such as Gallagher and Parmak fence chargers, which are both well-known brands of electric fence chargers.