Guinea Chicks

As spring unfolds, so does our exciting collection of guinea keets, ready to hatch from their guinea eggs through to the late summer. We’re delighted to offer you an extensive selection of these feathery young keets, waiting to join your home.

Our guinea keets are as varied as they are vibrant, with a multitude of options unfurling throughout the season.

An Assortment of Guinea Keets

Stromberg’s Chickens is your dedicated hub for guinea fowl and guinea keets. We pride ourselves on offering healthy, quality guinea fowl chicks from an assortment of breeds.

From the elegant Pearl Gray guinea hen to the striking Royal Purple guinea fowl, our selection has something for everyone. Let us extend our expertise to help you choose and care for your guinea keets, leveraging our four generations of experience in handling guinea hens and guinea fowl.

Shop Guinea Keets with Stromberg’s Chickens

Embark on a delightful journey in the poultry world by purchasing your guinea fowl chick or guinea keet from our trusted company. You can expect an email detailing your shipment date post-purchase, giving you time to prepare for the incubation period.

Please note that colors may vary, making the addition of each female guinea or guinea chick a delightful surprise. These birds make for an excellent addition to small backyards.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your adventure with Stromberg’s Chickens today, and let our guinea keets fill your days with joy!