Bird Catching Equipment

Tired of your birds flying on you and getting out? Use our quality Bird Catching Equipment today and stop the flight!


Bird-Catching Equipment

Tired of your birds flying around and escaping? Stop the flight by using our high-quality bird-catching equipment today!

When starting a poultry farm, you might have thought that your chickens and roosters would just stay put, but they frequently roam. Despite the fact that you might feel a little bit like an animal control officer, you'll need the proper equipment to safely capture your birds.

Making Bird Catching Simpler

In addition to using a tool to catch birds, you can also use a bird catching net to quickly and safely corral your stray chicken, rooster, or game bird. Our fowl catcher's four-foot-long rod allows for greater reach while keeping a safe distance. Capture and separate two fighting birds with a catcher and net, or scoop up a turkey for dinner.

For the equipment, you have two choices. A 31-inch-deep net is on the shorter rod, which is for smaller birds. The longer rod has a 36-inch deep net to accommodate larger fowl.

Stromberg’s Bird-Catching Equipment

Check out Stromberg’s high-quality bird catching net for your poultry. Catch fowl safely when sorting, breaking up a fight, or scooping one for a meal.