36" Bird Catching Net

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We are proud to introduce our upgraded bird catching net. Designed specifically for birds, this net features enhanced durability and user-friendliness. The net is crafted with heavy-duty nylon, offering resistance and longevity that far surpasses previous models.

Superior Dimensions for Effective Bird Capture

Our bird catching net showcases a 36" deep net pocket, enabling a more secure and efficient capture of birds. It comes with a 20" opening width, maximizing the catch area and ensuring your catching experience is both effective and easy. The net extends 25" in length, with a total net length from base to tip of 32", guaranteeing a more extensive reach.

The 36" handle completes our bird catching net, offering optimal control and maneuverability. The nets make it easy to manage the process, ensuring you can gently capture and control birds without causing stress or harm.

Make Bird Capture Effortless with Stromberg's Bird Catching Net

With Stromberg’s Chickens bird catching net, capturing birds has never been easier. The improved netting provides a reliable solution for anyone looking to safely and effectively manage birds. Upgrade your gear with our net, and discover the Stromberg's Chickens difference in quality and performance.

Remember, a bird in the net is worth two in the bush, and our bird catching net ensures you always have the upper hand in the gentle art of bird capture. Make the smart choice, choose our bird catching nets today.


  • 4.00 x 20.50 x 35.60 inches