Pigeon Loft Accessories

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What Goes in a Pigeon Loft?

When you construct or purchase a pigeon coop or pigeon loft, you’ll need a few accessories for it to keep your pigeons happy and well-fed. These include pigeon nest bowls of plastic or paper pulp and a pigeon in-and-out trap, a door that you can control to allow them free flight and keep them in their loft.

Accessories for pigeon lofts also include bird feeders and waterers. Essentially, anything inside the coop or loft qualifies as an accessory except for their food.

Constructing a Pigeon Loft

If you only have one of two pigeons as a pet, you probably keep them in a birdcage. When you decide to expand your variety of birds, you’ll need a pigeon coop, also called a pigeon loft.

Check out our coop plans or the kits we offer. They’re similar to a chicken coop, but you can use the same designs or kits to house pigeons.

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