Whether you want unsexed white silkies or barred rock bantam chickens, we have them. We also offer buff silkies, known for their vibrant orange-red feathers, and golden-laced cochin chicks to round out the colors of animals on your farm.

What does “unsexed” mean?

All of our bantams come unsexed. That means we do not wait until they develop their gender markers before passing them along to the buying public. Many bantam breeds do not immediately reveal their gender. Males typically develop more brightly colored feathers around their fifth week of life. Because we sell day-old baby bantams, it's often impossible to tell them apart until they're more than a month old.

How many chickens come per order?

Each order includes 10, 15, or 25 small chickens, depending on which package you choose. Some breeders let you decide the number of chickens you want in the order, with an order minimum applied.

Let us help you expand your poultry operation with bantams from Stromberg’s.