Bantam Chicks

When you’re ready to expand your backyard chicken project or add to your farm operation, shop our vast selection of more than 60 bantam chickens to provide you with many options.


Stromberg’s offers a diverse range of bantam chicks for sale, with an assortment of over 60 bantam chickens, perfect for enhancing your backyard flock or farm. Our bantam chick selection includes unsexed white silkies, barred rock bantams, and more, as well as feather-legged and clean-legged chicks.

With us, you can choose the number of bantam chicks you want for your bantam flock. We offer batches of 10, 15, or 25 chicks. There’s also the opportunity to choose the number of bantam chickens per order from certain bantam breeders, with a minimum requirement in place.

Understanding Unsexed Bantam Chickens

We ensure you get day-old chicks. All our bantam baby chicks are unsexed. Most bantam chicken breeds, like the ones we offer, only reveal their gender around their fifth week of life, long after we’ve hatched the bantam eggs and your chicks are comfortably settled in their new home.

True Bantams and Developed Bantam Breeds

Each large fowl breed has a corresponding bantam breed. Bantams are perfect for anyone who wants a small chicken that’s hardier and has a good temperament. We offer a variety of both true bantam breeds, like the Sebright bantams, and developed bantam birds, like the Japanese bantams.

Bantam hens are known for their egg production and charm. Each of these different breeds adds a unique characteristic to your poultry adventure.

Expand Your Poultry Venture

Our bantam chick selection brings a sense of vitality and diversity to your farm or backyard. Stromberg’s can guide you in raising bantam chickens and expanding your poultry operation.

We’re ready to supply you with top-quality bantam chicks selected from our extensive and diverse range.