Transportation Crates

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Taking your poultry to market or delivering your chickens, pigeons, or game birds to other farms requires a plastic crate or travel boxes. Unlike a dog crate, these oversized crates come in plastic or cardboard and can hold up to 25 chicks or 10 to 12 fully-grown chickens.

Using a crate or box for transportation offers an easy way to load and unload the poultry. Plastic crates typically feature either a hinged door or a sliding one. This lets you load the birds without an opportunity to fly out. We offer larger plastic crate transport boxes for game birds that can comfortably house five or six game birds in transit.

Some of the plastic crate options come unassembled. Cardboard boxes come flat, and you will need to fold them into shape. The flaps intersect for easy closure, so birds don’t escape during transport.

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We encourage the proper handling of poultry animals and products. With our years of experience, we can assist you in growing your flock. Our massive selection of containers for transporting all sizes of poultry offers you just the right size for your flock. Whether you need to transport baby chicks or fully grown chickens, let us help you find the right transportation crate.