Incubators & Brooders

Stock up on everything you need to raise happy and healthy chicks!


Incubators and Brooders

Stock up on all the supplies you'll need to raise happy, healthy hens! Stromberg's extensive line of brooder and incubator equipment and accessories are suitable for use in all poultry operations.

Egg Incubators

Give your hens some of the labor-intensive tasks that machines can handle by using a free-standing or tabletop incubator. The gadget lets you control the temperature and humidity in the racks while keeping an eye on the eggs through a transparent window. Tabletop units typically hold between 25 and 48 eggs, depending on the breed of poultry. Two high, freestanding units can hold up to 1,488 eggs when the racks are stacked.

There are only two things required for egg incubation: the machine and the eggs. In order to supply the appliance with water for its humidifier, you'll also need a reserve water tank.

Chicken Brooder Lamp Options

Brooders require special equipment to function properly. This includes the heating element and feeding options. Choose from the following types of lamps:

We offer multiple styles of replacement bulbs to fit these lamps. Our selection of brooder accessories also includes feeding troughs, water bowls, and dispensers, egg candles.

Stromberg’s Incubators and Brooders

Whether you need a quail brooder, chicken brooder, or a game bird brooder, we offer it. These equipment typically come crafted of galvanized steel. Some brooders contain a poly feeder and drinker while others require a separate purchase. Our large, free-standing universal brooder can house 100 quail chicks, 100 newborn chickens, or 50 four-week-old chicks.

Keep your baby birds safe and warm by using a brooder for their first month of life. Shop at Stromberg’s for poultry supplies to maintain the health and productivity of your poultry operation. Let us help you increase the hen productivity at your farm.