Carbon Fiber Coop Heater with Bulb

$110.99 - $122.99

Product Details


Safe, fire-resistant coop heater features a kill switch if the unit is tilted past 30 degrees. Keep your chicken coop warm with this carbon fiber coop heater. Hang these higher than you would a regular heat lamp to efficiently disperse heat over a large area. Comes with a built in kill switch for added safety (protects your coop from dangerous heat lamp fires). 600 Watt. Complete with bulb.

  • Kill switch will turn off the unit if it goes past 30 degrees
  • Safety Grill to protect animals from touching the bulb
  • Heaters come with one bulb included
  • Replacement bulbs available
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Includes a bulb
  • Replacement bulbs available


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    Finally a way to warm my walk-in coop safely

    by Cheryl Keeney on Nov 18, 2022

    I was a bit shocked at how big this is but that is why it's called a heater vs a lamp. For years on chicken forums, people were warned about using heat lamps because they were so flimsy and caused fires but this lamp has a hole built into the sturdy base to hang it. I attached it to my ceiling using a carabiner with a chain and there's no way it could ever be knocked down. It warms the room not just a spot on the ground, I would not be without it and my chickens love it! When it was 15 degrees outside my coop was 30.