Large Standing Feeders

Large Standing Feeders

Standing Bird Feeders

The smaller feeders in the brooder are quickly outgrown once your flock of chickens starts to grow. Get a large-capacity bird feeder for your flock. Both of our standing bird feeder designs are nearly two feet tall and feature easy-to-fill lids.

Free-Standing Feeder Options

Choose between galvanized steel or robust, heavy-duty plastic. Our plastic option can hold 35 to 60 pounds of crumble, mash, or pellet feed, compared to our steel option's 25 pounds of storage capacity.

The tops of both chicken and bird feeder options are closed to keep out the elements and foragers while still providing food for your flock. To avoid spillage and overfilling, each of these standing bird feeder options uses a feed saver. By securing its three legs, you can use the plastic feeder as a free-standing bird feeder. The steel feeder gives you the choice of mounting it to the chicken coop's wall or using it as a free-standing bird feeder.

Stromberg’s Free-Standing Bird Feeder

For the best feed distribution to chickens, ducks, and other poultry, use one of these standing bird feeder options. Shop at Stromberg's for chicken, chick, and hatchling bird feeder options. We offer all sizes and shapes of bird feeder options so you can keep your flock well-fed.