Live Birds & Eggs

We have every type and age of bird you could possibly need, including adults, baby chicks, and fertilized-hatching eggs. We also have all the equipment you’d need for a poultry farm.

Live Birds for Sale

The northern bobwhite, Gambel, Tennessee red, and Coturnix quails are among Stromberg's choices of quail. Chukar partridges and Manchurian cross birds are also available.

Hatching Eggs for Sale

Let us provide you with our birds and eggs so you can create the aviary of your dreams. You can gain a better understanding of the growth of your flock by keeping an eye on your birds as they hatch.

You can buy hatching eggs from our store, including those from buff orpingtons, Coturnix quail, and common chickens. Watch the eggs hatch by incubating them in one of our tabletop incubators.

Choose between batches of sexed or unsexed chicks. The majority of bird groups consist of sets of 10, 15, or 25. We offer packs of 30, but you can order custom packages with more.

Shop at Stromberg’s for Live Bird Species and Eggs

Browse through our selection of bird species. If you’re new to maintaining an aviary, contact us for information on species that get along well together.