Engraved Leg Bands

Game Bird Banding is an important skill for anyone who wants to raise game birds. Learn how to do it right!


Custom Bird Leg Bands and Supplies

Easily keep track of your flock by marking your game birds with our custom bird leg bands. These aluminum butt-end customized bands will let you place your marks with the engraving of your choice. We also sell sealing pliers that have ergonomic grips so you can quickly set your bands without discomfort.

Sizing and Pricing Considerations

We cater to different bird species by offering an extensive selection of band sizes. Our sizes start at #04 all the way to #14 for big bird legs. The price of our custom bird leg bands will also depend on the size you’ve chosen. Find the right size to monitor your birds with our great-quality leg bands!

Leg Band Customization Options

Stromberg’s Chickens offer a range of customization options for our custom bird leg bands. You can input custom printing for up to 3 lines per item. You also have the option to set your bands to have consecutive numbering, based on your needs.

Sealing Pliers for the Right Leg Bands

Buy our ergonomic sealing pliers for the right leg band. This item is particularly important since all of our bands are shipped closed and will require a matching plier based on size to access.