Building a chicken coop is an exciting project for anyone who loves their chickens!

Prefabricated Chicken Coop Kits

Chickens need a place to call home, too. You can provide a nice home for your hens and rooster even if you don’t know carpentry using one of our backyard coop kits. These chicken coop kits provide a home for two to three chickens. The finished product takes up little room in your yard and offers hinged door access to the nest box. Choose from the Egg Hut Coop or The Hen House.

Digital Plans for Chicken Coops

If you own chickens and know your way around a woodshop, we’ve got plans for a grand hen house that comes in five size options. The largest chicken coop option houses up to 24 chickens, while the smallest provides a comfortable home for five to eight chickens.

What comes in a kit for chicken coops?

These coop kits contain all of the fir wood needed for the kit, plus the screws, trim, and cage wire. You’ll only need the tools to assemble it, such as a screwdriver. A power drill works, too.

Are there kits for larger flocks?

We also offer large chicken coop kits that can house up to five chickens. That’s our cluck hut. For a tough, modern coop design, choose our flock fortress that houses up to six chickens.

Shop Stromberg’s Chickens Coop Selection

Give your backyard chickens the home they deserve with a chicken coop and chicken run from Stromberg’s Chickens. Let us help you house your chickens safely and stylishly. We also offer cage pliers, cage rings, and a three-section quail breeding pen.