Building a chicken coop is an exciting project for anyone who loves their chickens!

Building a chicken coop can be an exciting project for chicken enthusiasts. Stromberg’s is here to make the journey easy and enjoyable for you.

Our best chicken coop collection features walk-in chicken house kits and digital plans to help you get started.

Prefabricated Coop Kits Make Construction Easy

Every chicken deserves a cozy, safe place to call home, and our backyard coop kits make that possible even if you're not a woodworking expert.

With these prefabricated kits, you can effortlessly create a predator-proof home for your hens and rooster. The finished coop takes up little room in your yard and offers hinged door access to the walk in chicken coop.

The Egg Hut Chicken Coop is a beautiful small coop with a sturdy design made of strong and durable fir wood. It has enough space for 3 chickens and adequate floor space for easy cleaning.

Customize with Our Digital Walk in Chicken Coop Plans

For those who know their way around a woodshop, our digital plans offer the ideal blueprint for crafting a grand hen house.

Our digital plans are available in five coop sizes, catering to flocks of five to 24 chickens, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. Our comprehensive plans help you build a sturdy, stylish home for your feathered friends.

If you’re in the market for a large chicken coop, we offer the Cluck Hut which can comfortably house up to five chickens and the Comfy Coop Large Digital Building Plans perfect for a group of six to 24 birds.

Both provide robust protection and ample space for your chickens to thrive.