Wall Mounted Trough Feeders

Trough & Wall Mounted

Trough and Wall-Mounted Bird Feeder

Choosing the right feeder for your chicken coop or aviary can save you time and make it easier to care for your birds. Stromberg’s offers an extensive line of trough feeders, high-capacity feeders, and high-end hen feeders.

Bird Feeders

Use a high-end hen feeder to feed your birds without entering the pen. This saves you time and keeps your shoes clean while you feed your animals. This also keeps your birds safer since it keeps you from spreading germs or bacteria from other animals’ pens to the birds’ area.

Other feeders sit on the ground like troughs, letting birds such as chickens feed by walking up to the tray.

Wall-Mounted Chicken Feeder

Use wall-mounted feeders at various heights for birds of flight. Pheasants, quail, doves, and other flying birds can alight on the feeding tray to enjoy seed or millet. Mount chicken feeders to the wall to create a sturdy environment so hens can’t knock over their feeder.

Stromberg’s Feeding Equipment

You can count on us to provide a chicken feeder to make feeding your game birds and chickens easier. Browse through Stromberg's extensive selection of feeding supplies to provide for your chickens and game birds.