Chick Feeders & Accessories

Chick Feeders

Shop For Hanging Chicken Feeders at Stromberg's! With over 80 years of selling poultry suppllies we have the right Hanging Feeder for you!

Chick Feeder

Make mealtime easier with our selection of baby chick feeders. The eight- or sixteen-pound round plastic bowl feeders from Stromberg's are slide-top ground feeders made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel. Our five-pound rectangular feeders allow the chicks in your flock to graze in two straight lines, while our robust feeders can dispense feed as your chicks eat and hold five, eight, or sixteen pounds of feed at a time.

Chick Feeder Parts

Because baby chicks, no matter how cute they are, can break things, we also carry feeder parts such as replacement feeder lids and feeding grids. These components help our round feeders last longer.  

Our adult feeders are compatible with our baby chick feed troughs and bowls. We have a large selection of feeding trays and bowls that go well with our waterer options.

Shop at Stromberg’s for Feeder Supplies

With Stromberg's selection of chick and chicken feeders, you can build a feeding setup that will work for your young birds for the duration of their lives. Let our representatives help you design a feeding and watering system that will see your chicks from birth through their life as chickens. Order your baby chicken feeders today.