We carry a quality line of Accessories! We have a variety of brands that you will love! Shop with us today!


Stromberg’s carries a quality line of poultry processing equipment! We have a variety of brands that you will love! Shop with us today!

With so much focus on breeding, feeding, and keeping your birds safe from predators, poultry processing sometimes gets forgotten until you need to do it. When you need to process your chickens, you need the equipment on hand to safely and efficiently accomplish your task. These accessories include items like safety gloves, poultry wax, and a wax pan.

Poultry Wax

Rubbing plucked birds with poultry wax helps remove the pin feathers to ready them for cooking or packaging. It typically comes in 10-pound blocks. One pound processes about four birds.

Cutting Gloves

Although lightweight, these cutting gloves offer protection while you butcher your birds. Stop nicking your fingers as you process your poultry using this protective equipment.

Wax Pan

These heavy-duty wax pans come in two sizes—a 20-pound and a 35-pound pan. Either can hold 20 pounds of processing wax.

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