Large Egg Laying Chickens

Large Eggs

Dive into the world of large egg-laying poultry with Stromberg's Chickens. Our birds are a spectacle to behold and boast substantial egg production, delivering 110-160 large eggs annually.

Characteristics and Temperament

Known among chicken breeds for their larger size, weighing in at 8.5 lb for females and 11 lb for males, these birds exhibit a friendly, docile disposition. Ideal for both novice and seasoned poultry enthusiasts, these chicken breeds have a calm temperament and are known setters, enhancing their egg production potential.

The Beauty of Large-Sized Eggs

These chickens specialize in laying large eggs, a nutritious and wholesome addition to any meal. As one of the outstanding egg-laying chickens, they produce medium-large eggs, giving you the delight of large-sized eggs in varied quantities.

It's not just about egg sizes; it's about the consistent quality of these large eggs, contributing significantly to your egg collection.

Ready to Welcome Our Large Egg Laying Chickens?

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