Electric Fencing Accessories

Keep your chicken flock or other farm animals safer with an electric fence. Stromberg’s corner posts, step-in fence posts, and electric netting gates are what you need.


Tools to Make Fence Installation Easier

To install electric fences, use a T-Post driver. Our ergonomic steel post driver features tapered handles on either side. Its powder-coated, weather-protected finish helps it last longer. Our electric fence reel lets you easily unwind rope, fencing wire, or tape. Lock it into place using the locking ratchet mechanism so you can make cuts without danger.

We offer many other tools and accessories to make installing an electric fence simpler, such as an electric fence tester with a ten-bulb voltmeter that can be activated by touching a safely insulated probe to it. The electric fence tester is useful for examining the voltage of the fence and can also be helpful in troubleshooting problems with your fence.

Shop Stromberg’s Electric Fence Supplies

Make your farm and your poultry a safer place for your flock and your cattle. Our selection of electric fence construction supplies offers top-of-the-line materials and tools. We ship most orders totaling $150 or more for free, so create a bulk order to maximize your savings.