Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs available to start your own hatching flock today!


At Stromberg’s Chickens, we pride ourselves on our wide variety of duck eggs. Whether you’re searching for hatching eggs to start your flock of domestic ducks or you’re in the market for unique flavors, our diverse collection of duck eggs has something for you.

Prominent Breeds and Their Hatching Eggs

Some of our most prominent breeds include the following:

  • Khaki Campbell: Our Khaki Campbell duck eggs come from light, hardy, and active ducks, well known for their prolific egg production.
  • Buff: Buff ducks are a dual-purpose breed that is appreciated for their docile nature and ability to produce many duck eggs.
  • Rouen: The Rouen duck originates from a heavier breed, similar in appearance to mallards.
  • Flying Mallard: Flying Mallard ducks are a common wild variety, with their duck eggs being coveted by hunting clubs, decorators, and pet enthusiasts.

Other Duck Eggs and Breeds Available

We don’t just stop there. We also offer duck eggs from other high-quality breeds, including White Pekin, White Crested, Chocolate Runner, Black Runner, Black Swedish, Blue Swedish, and Cayuga Duck.

If you’re searching for a range of duck eggs to incubate, we’ve got you covered.

Shopping Duck Eggs with Stromberg’s Chickens

Order your hatching duck eggs now to secure your place in the next available shipment. The eggs we provide are from healthy domestic ducks that are known for their quality.

Not only will you be able to incubate and hatch adorable ducklings, but you’ll also receive an email notification with your shipment date. Embark on an exciting journey of incubating and hatching your own duck eggs with Stromberg’s Chickens!