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At Stromberg’s, we understand wanting to diversify your poultry operations. Perhaps you want to adopt some domestic pigeon flocks or raise feral birds. Our catalog offers options including homing pigeons, racing pigeons, and pigeons to make your family pets.

The Diverse Pigeon Family

The intelligent birds have become quite famous as animals you can raise anywhere; city pigeons thrive in rooftop coops, while their country cousins thrive in roomy pigeon keepers.

Whether you want to add a feral pigeon or a rock pigeon to your flock, Stromberg’s can help. We also carry the supplies you’ll need to care for your pigeons.

Pigeon-Keeping Supplies

We offer feed, digital plans for a comfortable coop, and ready-to-build kits for coops if you’re not that handy with a hammer yet. We also sell fencing, netting, posts, and other supplies that enable you to create a cozy home for your birds.

Whether you want to show your birds or race them, our supplies include books on getting started with either hobby. We also carry the necessary bands for identifying your flock. The organizations that oversee the showing and racing of pigeons require this banding.

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