We carry a wide selection of netting to protect your birds!

Chicken Netting

Fencing is an important part of poultry care, as it helps to keep your birds safe from predators and also keeps them contained within a designated area.

Stromberg’s carries a wide selection of fencing options to suit the needs of different poultry enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a simple, economical solution or a more heavy-duty option, we have something for you. Our fencing options include everything from small-scale, portable fences to large-scale, permanent fences.

Poultry Netting and Fencing

We have several fencing material options. Our one-inch mesh works best with quail and smaller pheasants, while the two-inch mesh works best with large pheasants and large game birds like turkeys. Both options offer a heavy-duty UV-resistant polyethylene material that can hold 85 pounds. These nets typically last seven to 10 years in the field.

Stromberg’s Netting and Fencing Selection

To create a chicken run roof, combine chicken wire fence materials with nets and use rings and a ring clincher to attach the net to the fence. This will create a large, safe space for your chickens to roam. You can also add an electric charger to create an electric poultry netting and fence solution to protect your birds from predators like hawks.

No matter what your fencing needs are, we have a solution that's right for you. Shop at Stromberg’s for fencing supplies.