Are you looking for the best poultry feeder for sale? You've come to the right place! We have the best selection of poultry feeders on the market today.

Discover the ideal solution for feeding your birds with Stromberg’s Chickens’ extensive selection of game bird and chicken feeders.

Designed to cater to all sizes of hatcheries and farms, our chicken feeder collection ensures that your birds receive the right amount of nutrition in a convenient and efficient manner.

Perfect Chicken Feeder for Every Coop Size

Whether you have a small chicken run, large coop, or backyard full of free-range chickens, we have the perfect chicken feeder to meet your needs.

Our range includes small hanging feeders for flying birds like quail and pigeons, as well as standing feeding devices for chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

For those with a flock of 50 birds, our nearly two-foot-tall, free-standing feeders can hold 50 lb to 75 lb of food, ensuring ample supply and easy access.

Healthy Environment for Chicken Coop Residents

Each chicken feeder can be customized to meet your specific needs, such as adjusting the feed drop time or the amount of food dispensed.

Proper ventilation is a key feature, ensuring good airflow and maintaining a healthy environment for your birds.

The adequately spaced food ports regulate food distribution efficiently, enhancing the eating experience for your chickens.

Additionally, the durable plastic lid and rain shield protect the feed from rain and sun, preventing wasted food. The top unit is easily removable for filling, adding convenience to its weather-proof design.

Feeding Ports Built to Save Chicken Feed

Each chicken feeder is designed with feed-saving features to minimize waste. For example, our 20 LB Hanging Feed Saver includes a built-in food-saving grill and trough lip to reduce the back-and-forth head action that chickens use to sweep feed out of the feeder.

Additionally, the adjustable flow rate and inward rolled lip work together to conserve food, making this chicken feeder both efficient and economical.