Brooders - For Chicks

In need of an egg brooder that will help you raise healthy chickens? Then look no further! We have compiled a list of the best egg brooders for sale today!


Our Chick Brooder Selection

Every option in our chicken brooder selection uses high-quality materials, including thick wood or metal that offer insulation from the cold. These devices also use heaters or heat lamps to keep the brooder as warm as a hen lying next to its baby chicks would. With most brooders, you need to purchase the brooder lamp separately.

When to Use a Brooder Box

Let’s consider the two most common scenarios for using a brooding box.

A Hen That Refuses to Mother

On a small farm or raising backyard chickens, you may need a brooder box for your hatchlings if the mother hen does not want to cuddle to provide heat. Some hens don’t take well to mothering their babies, but a brooder takes care of that for her.

You Purchased a Flock of Baby Chicks

Perhaps you purchased baby chickens, but do not have fully grown hens yet to mother them. Purchase your brooder box ahead of time so you can put your animals in it as soon as your baby chicks arrive. Keep your baby chicks warm in the brooder box and provide them with cozy, soft brooder bedding that feels like their mother’s feathers.

Shop Stromberg’s for Brooding Equipment

At Stromberg’s, we offer brooder boxes made of stainless steel featuring wire mesh lids for ventilation and clear, plastic windows that allow you to check on your baby birds without opening the box. This helps maintain a regular temperature inside the box, which helps them remain healthy. Our inventory offers boxes that can hold 50 or 100 chicks.