Nest Pads



Nest Pads for Nest Boxes

A nest pad offers essential comfort for chickens providing the comfort of bedding with other features such as moisture wicking and lice protection. Improve the comfort of the nesting boxes in your hen house with our line of high-quality nest bedding made of soft, cozy material for hens to snuggle into while laying and incubating eggs. These also come in various materials, such as turf grass, faux hay/straw, and plastic. Depending on their material and manufacturer, their size lets them easily fit into a nest box cubby space.

  • 11" x 11"
  • 12" x 12"
  • 13" x 13"

How Pads Benefit a Nesting Box

Besides providing a soft, cozy spot for a hen to sit during the long process of laying and hatching eggs, nesting pads also stave off lice and draw moisture from chicken droppings away from the eggs. The pad sieves the droppings through and they drop onto the paper below the pad. This means when you come to retrieve eggs, you also experience a cleaner environment since the eggs don’t have leavings on them.

Make Cleaning the Nest Box Easier

Turf and plastic nest pads offer a quick cleaning method. Simply pull them out of the box, hose them off, and place them back in the box. That’s how quickly they clean up.

Traditionally designed plastic nest poultry pads offer more than lice resistance. They also resist insect infestation, rot, mildew, and fungal growth, helping you improve the healthiness of your flock. Order nesting accessories for your flock today.