Cage Cups for Waterers

Cage Cups

Cage Cups for Waterers

Add either heavy-duty plastic watering cups or galvanized metal cage cups that clip to the wire of your hen hutch or chicken coop. The cage cup options at Stromberg’s work great for either water or feed.

Sizes of Food and Water Cage Cups

Choose the size you need. The plastic cup options come in a pint or quart size. The metal cups come in half-pint or quart sizes.

Food and Water Delivery Systems for Cages

All of these options work with the hanging waterers we carry. Create a feed and watering system that lets you automate food distribution, so you can load a few days worth of food and water into the larger holding tubs or tanks and let the chickens nibble and drink as they like from these 


Why Use Hanging Feed and Water Cage Cups

By hanging these water and food cups, you keep your flock’s sustenance off the floor, which helps reduce soiling. Just using the right cups in a hanging method helps you provide your flock with a healthier environment.

Shop at Stromberg’s

While designed for chicken coops, you can also use these food and water cage cups for feeding other pets and farm animals, such as other types of poultry, rabbits, dogs, or cats. Shop online today for feed and water cups for hen houses and chicken coops.