Predator Control

These predator control products for chickens is an effective way to protect your flock from mice, rats, skunks, turtles, and more. Shop predator control here!


Predator Control Methods

Predator species such as foxes, mice, rats, and other rodents threaten your fowl. Keep your flock safe by using various protective devices that keep them away:

  • Repellent tape
  • Nite Guard red light
  • Single-door live traps
  • Double-door live traps
  • Skunk traps
  • Traditional mouse/rodent traps
  • Mouse and rat poison bait chunks
  • Mouse and rat bait stations

Regardless of the species, you can protect your birds from becoming their prey by trapping them or baiting feeding areas with poison chunks that won’t harm your chickens.

Most of the traps Stromberg’s Chickens offers can be reused after removing the trapped animal and cleaning the cage or trap.

Repellant tape causes loud, crunchy noise when something steps on it, which scares them away. Nite Guard’s red light shines a glowing red light, the size of an eye, that tricks other animals into thinking another predator is already in the coop.

Control Predators with Stromberg’s Chickens

Shop Stromberg’s for tape, traps, cages, and bait to make your space safer for your birds. Keep predatory animals away from your flock using the equipment offered by our store.