Pigeon Waterers

Pigeon watering supplies include everything you need to keep your pigeons healthy and happy. Whether you keep just one or two pigeons as pets or an entire flock, Stromberg’s Chickens offers the watering bowls and multi-gallon watering cans you need to keep your birds healthy and hydrated.


Choosing the Right Waterer

Choose a small waterer for a pair of birds that you keep in a cage. These come in two styles—one with a cone top and one without. These are set up easily on the floor of a birdcage. Some styles clip to the cage frame.

For a large flock, use one of our multi-gallon pigeon waterers. Provide your birds with three to five gallons of drinking water at one time. The water flows into the feeder lip of this type of waterer, and its design lets many birds drink at once.

Both small and large waterer designs come in metal or plastic. Although they don’t hold water, we also offer our grill mini feeder in this area. Fill it with bird feed and let your birds fly right up to the grill and feed.

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