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Poultry Vaccines

Find the vaccines you require for your poultry among Stromberg's selection of vaccines, including the fowl pox vaccine. With Stromberg's vaccinations and testing tools, you can keep your flock healthier.

Poultry Diseases

The untreatable Marek's Disease (MD) tops the list of the 12 most prevalent illnesses affecting poultry. Female chickens between the ages of 6 and 20 weeks are affected by this viral illness. The highly contagious virus causes tumors and spreads from an infected bird to the uninfected through the air.

In addition to tumors, the illness results in paralysis of the wings and legs. Chickens with the infection may become pale, lose weight, get diarrhea, and then pass away suddenly.

Pullorum disease, also referred to as Bacillary White Diarrhea (BWD), is another of the most prevalent illnesses that can be avoided. When exposed to various pathogens, the Salmonella pullorum bacteria, which causes this highly contagious bacterial disease, attacks the blood of chickens. White diarrhea, depression, respiratory distress, impaired appetite, paleness, shrunken combs, and a decrease in egg production are all symptoms. The disease is spread by contaminated water, food, litter, feces, and eggs.

Vaccination Programs

Marek's disease cannot be cured once it has been caught, but poultry farmers can stop the disease from spreading by immunizing day-old chicks. Stromberg's injectable vaccines for poultry health and disease prevention are always available. Farmers can use pullorum antigen, which is available at Stromberg's, to treat sick poultry.

Stromberg’s Vaccines and Medications

Purchase your flock's over-the-counter medications from Stromberg's. In addition to pullorum antigen blood testing equipment, we provide commonly required medications and vaccines such as the Marek's disease vaccine, pullorum antigen, and mite and lice spray. Get your flock vaccinated right away!