Table Top

Table Top Incubators

A tabletop incubator can be a useful tool for building a flock of chickens faster. Incubators mimic the conditions that a hen would provide for her eggs, such as a proper temperature range and humidity, allowing for a higher hatch rate. By using an incubator, you can hatch eggs from multiple hens at once and increase your flock size quickly. This can be especially beneficial for those who are just starting out with a backyard flock or are looking to expand their existing flock.

Incubator Options

Stromberg’s offers a small chick-bator with a see-through plastic dome, ideal for teaching children agriculture or biology in a homeschool or small classroom setting. Hatch four bantam or pheasant eggs in it or eight quail eggs.

The HOVA-bator incubator is a tabletop model that can accommodate a large number of eggs. Its capacity includes up to 130 quail eggs or 20 reptile eggs. This incubator has a temperature range that starts at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is suitable for hatching a variety of different species of eggs. The HOVA-bator is an ideal choice for those who want to incubate a large number of eggs at once and want to hatch a variety of species.

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Stromberg's provides the farming supplies you need to safeguard the chicks of your flock, with nearly 20 tabletop incubator options capable of varying temperature ranges for game bird, pet, and farm bird eggs.