Best Egg Laying Chickens

Let Stromberg’s help you maximize the egg production of your backyard chickens or farm flock. One of the greatest benefits of raising chickens is the steady supply of tasty eggs.

Not all breeds or species of chickens lay eggs equally well. Some types of chicken simply lay more eggs than others. So which breed of chicken should you choose to obtain the most eggs?

Best Chicken Breeds for Laying Eggs

The White Leghorn, which originated in southern Europe, is disease-resistant and has a favorable feed-to-egg conversion ratio, whereas the Rose Comb variety thrives in cold climates such as the US northeast. These independent chickens make ideal farm egg producers, but if you want a pet chicken, their personalities won’t work.

Add color to your small farm with a flock of Rhode Island Reds, which are considered dual-purpose and lay about 260 eggs per year. They also put on weight easily, making them an equally good choice as a broiler. They typically reach a weight of 6.5 pounds.

Choose the Plymouth Rock breed for a general-purpose fowl that thrives on small farms. They grow to a medium size by their eighth or twelfth week, making them a good choice as a market bird.